Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hurricane in New Toulouse!!

I awoke this morning to a dispatch from New Toulouse reporting that a hurricane was under way. The storm is called Adolphe for unknown reasons and has ravaged all the regions. As rumors of zombies and alligators were added to the mix I grabbed my trusty firearm which I usually reserve for the Poetry Slam. I then swiftly made my way to New Toulouse proper and witnessed the storm for myself.

The scene that greeted me was at once frightening and exhilarating. Dark clouds swirled overhead and the rain fell in curtains. The streets were flooded but passable by the determined.

I proceded next to New Toulouse Bourbon and found the situation there even more serious. The flooding was more extensive, even to the extent that I was able to take out my little boat and paddle about the Square as though it were a lake. By this time lightning was flashing all about. At times it struck so close that I felt my fuzz rise with the electricity!

Paddling northward I entered New Toulouse Bayou where I encountered none other than His Grace, Sir Edward Pearse poling about on a raft. We spoke briefly and he told me there had been no reports of injuries so I allowed myself a brief sigh of relief.

Still as I took in the scene I could only think it a miracle no-one was hurt or lost. It appeared the entire region was under water!

This clever beast found refuge on a rooftop!

Only the homes on the highest ground of New Toulouse Bayou appear to have been spared the devastation of this storm. Still, if the character of all the residents of these regions may be judged by the few that I personally know, I have great faith that they shall rebuild. But they will never forget this dramatic time in New Toulouse history. I know I won't.

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